With the brilliant synthesis of brain research and human pattern-spotting, there are great frameworks to help understand the way we're all wired uniquely, and how to best leverage that.

We're big fans of diagnostics which reveal our most useful patterns in learning, strength and thinking... so we can know how to leverage them ourselves and tap them in others.

Some of our favorites include... 


The Learning Modality Indicator

After you take the Learning Modality Indicator, let's talk about how to best navigate your preferences and tap into those closest to you, since it's already coming through in your language, your learning approach and the way you ideate. While we do entire workshops on just this one topic of VAK, start by checking out this quick one-page guide to the modalities. And... we're working on an online test for you to take right here. Stay tuned!

The Thinking Style Indicator

Looking at how you perceive information (all input), and then how you store information, we see patterns. Those patterns tell us a lot about how you tend to think (especially under pressure), how to best tap your thinking, and what to expect. They also can help you understand how to translate the thinking of others into a language you can most quickly relate to and navigate. Again- we spend immersive time with teams exploring this model and it's nuance, but you can start by checking out your own patterns here. Online version coming soon!

The Clifton StrengthsFinder

We finally have accurate language to describe our talents as they manifest as strengths. This is essential for accelerating how to best play to our strengths and tap those of teammates, rather than focusing on what people aren't or need to change. To best get the power of this tool, check out StrengthsFinder 2.0 or StrengthsBased Leadership