Changing the Game for Learners with Transformative Teaching Strategies

What if every student came out of school every day excited, inspired and empowered by their experience and energized by their own talent? It’s not only possible, but essential that we create vibrant, engaged, passionate learners, inspired and equipped to use their brilliance and talent to change the world. After all…isn’t that what education is about?

Sarah Singer’s unique approach immerses educators in the secrets to successful, motivational teaching, regardless of content or individual student challenges, based on how people really learn. Tapping brain research, years of success with every demographic of student the world over, and incorporating kids’ own feedback of “what works,” you’ll get the most relevant brain research, successful strategies and powerful mindsets for maximizing impact in the classroom, including:

  • Using music and action to change student behavior
  • Tapping their learning styles and multiple intelligences consistently
  • Designing lessons that get their attention, and erase the need to reteach information 
  • Connecting emotionally & neurologically with students early on, influencing state, improving retention and results... setting you up to have more fun teaching while they have a blast learning

Educational Consulting Born of Experience

As an alternative learner herself, Sarah’s passion for teaching emerged from her quest to change the system. Committed to making school and learning a place where it could be authentic, relevant, fun, challenging and the place for talents to come to life, Sarah’s become a master of bringing learning to life with any content or any population. From her 15 years leading and developing alternative learning programs all over the world to honing a daily model in her own public high school classroom teaching on the south side of Chicago... Sarah gets kids, what makes them tick, how to tap their motivation, how they best learn, and how to create transformative learning experiences for them consistently.

Educator Impact Testimonials

If you want to know how students really learn, Sarah can present it in a way you will never forget. She is a world class teacher and presenter.
— Gary Catalani, Superintendent, Dupage County School District #200, Chicago, IL
In front of my eyes people were engaged in changing their thinking about teaching. Sarah’s skill in listening and responding to people’s needs instead of simply delivering some set pieces was really clear. She created a connection with over a hundred people. I was truly amazed at how she read the audience and led them in their thinking.
— Peter Ball, Educator and Teacher Trainer

Educator Resources & Teacher Training

SarahSinger&Co. Educational Training covers the gamut of educator needs, including:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Teacher in-services
  • Teacher Coaching
  • Curriculum Design
  • Educational Leadership Team Coaching
  • Culture design, or learning environment design

Is Your Institution Creating Lifelong Learners?

To learn more about Sarah Singer’s educational consulting, including teacher training workshops, educational in-services, Contact SarahSinger&Co.