Tapping Their Greatness INTENSIVE...    Spring, 2018
to Apr 20

Tapping Their Greatness INTENSIVE... Spring, 2018

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Spots are limited for this special event... register now to get yours!!!! 

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“As a coach and former professional athlete, I have had the great fortune of hearing some remarkable coaches and prominent leaders, and Sarah's delivery, content and message is among the best and most inspiring. TIG changed the way we lead our business, and has already paid major dividends for us as owners. I highly recommend TIG and Sarah to anyone seeking to discover a deeper, unique take on the best practices of leadership, running a successful business, and inspiring others and themselves to reach their full potential."

-Michael Bradley, owner of multiple Modo Yoga studios, former NBA player, collegiate men's basketball Coach

An Exclusive Training Opportunity for you as a leader...

Tapping Their Greatness™ has been held as the best-kept secret training for amazing, result-changing leadership, simply because it’s never been offered to the public until recently. Now, just a few times per year, leaders like you can jump into this powerful opportunity...

You’re about to be set with the tools, mindset and and practice to ignite your people and unleash their talent like never before! 

Based on vast research of human learning, behavior, drive, and real world leadership best practice, Tapping Their Greatness™ will take your impact to the next level and beyond.   

Taking you beyond your title to being a true leader with multiplying influence in every interaction, this program equips leaders with concrete tools, frameworks and practices to motivate people of all types and backgrounds.  Able to truly reach everyone and understand how to leverage natural strengths, leaders become impactful agents, catalysts and coaches of brilliant performance.  


In an innovative environment, you are constantly surrounded by ambiguity in the pursuit of developing and validating new growth solutions.  When ambiguity is all around you, the last thing that can be ambiguous is you and your team.

A powerful catalyst for personal evolution.” — David Schlosser, Creative Director, Barefoot Proximity

“TTG is invigorating. It unlocked my personal awareness of how I am leading. We are all different learners and growers and TTG taps into all different styles- so it works for everyone.”

This training provided a comprehensive set of tools and a new framework to take my leadership effectiveness to a new level.” — Bob Moorhead, VP of Client Services, Epsilon Loyalty Marketing

" .... most practical easy to apply development techniques we ever used. Our team loves her energy and vitality --- she educates, stimulates and motivates all of us to new levels!” -Joe Kerin, Former EVP of Stores, American Eagle Outfitters

Sarah consistently delivers focused, high-impact experiences that make a huge difference in the performance of our team.” -Chris Evans, CEO Barefoot Proximity

TTG is targeted at creating emotionally intelligent, self-aware leaders. It’s amazing the amount of information, and the effectiveness of that information that Sarah packs into such a short time. Sarah is changing people, creating the leaders and organizations of the future.” -Brandon Dawson, President, Hopwater

"Sarah touched the minds and the hearts of our associates.  We have better leaders because of the work Sarah has done with us.-Julie Beckman, VP of Learning & Development, Limited Brands

I have learned a process of introspection in an attempt to modify or change altogether, the way in which I interact and treat those I come in contact with.  The knowledge gained about how the human mind works is both interesting and comforting. I learned that although we’re all very different in many ways, we are also programmed so similarly. I feel like I have been taught a great framework for existing in society in a positive way.” -Nick Binkley, Wake Nation

Sarah helps people set and reach their professional and personal goals through a process that is challenging, supportive and creative. She is an expert at guiding her clients versus giving them the answers, teaching them to hold themselves accountable, and celebrating their successes along the way. Sarah's Tapping Their Greatness program is life-changing and well worth the investment.” - Roz Potts Johnson, Director of Store Operations, Build-A-Bear Workshop 

Sarah is an inspiring, motivational coach / facilitator, who takes learning and innovation to new heights. She is a great resource and business partner. Her ability to help executives look at their management style and modify their approach in order to improve their performance and working relationships, is amazing. Her enthusiasm is contagious.-Mark Lubka, Director of Stores, XSRE Retail Group

...These leaders and thousands more have had a great time discovering new influence, less stress, greater relationships, more loyalty and better performance with the power of Tapping Their Greatness™ and Sarah Singer-Nourie. 

Now you can do the same, and this is your exclusive opportunity to get it in an intimate, concentrated setting with this master coach. 

Go beyond managing- to being a motivational leader, inspiring people’s thinking and empowering them to get the results on their own every time!  You’ll get the tools to spark your team, and become the leader who taps their genius. 

A taste of what you’ll learn and master:

  • How to set your mind and thinking for focused impact despite circumstances.
  • The formula for setting your team up for getting the results, rather than just talking about them.
  • How to expand your Comfort Zone as a leader and model, so your team will step out more.
  • The 3 Ingredients for coaching and getting buy-in from any employee
  • The secret to finding the "10" in anyone - discover their star potential and coach it out of them!
  • The keys inspiring people mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • The fastest reset to get perspective for yourself and your team, even when the stress hits
  • Powerful communication models to instill responsibility and eliminate whining on your team!
  • THE model for teaching so that they get it the first time!

Included in this special offer, you'll also get a copy of the Tapping Their Greatness™ Audio Program! 



Who can I contact with any questions?

Contact us at Sarah Singer & Co.  (513)774-9363 sarah@sarahsingerandco.com

When does the training start and finish? 

Your intensive will take place over two action packed days:

Part 1: 9:00am-5:00pm on 4/19/18 and 

Part 2: 9:00am-2:30pm on 4/20/18

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