Sarah Singer-Nourie, M.A.

is an award winning trainer, educator, and president of SarahSinger&Co. She has brought innovation to learning and motivational change for leaders, educators and learners of all kinds in groups of 1 to 3,000, in urban, rural, corporate and educational settings around the globe. Sarah's programs tap potential in learning and growth, creating a bridge between brain research and real life learning. 

As an alternative learner herself, Sarah’s passion for teaching emerged from her quest to change the system. Committed to shifting people's association with learning to be authentic, relevant, fun, challenging and about their talents expanding, Sarah’s become a master of bringing learning to life with any population and any content. From her 15 years leading and developing alternative learning programs all over the world to 8 years honing an in-the-trenches model teaching in her own public high school classroom on the south side of Chicago to coaching Fortune 100 executives and their teams all over the world... Sarah gets people, what makes us tick, how to tap our motivation, how we best learn, and how to create transformative learning experiences for us every time, consistently.


Influence...sometimes it’s direct, sometimes it’s delayed, and sometimes it’s in that ripple effect that happens in the pebble-tossing of our actions or words into the shared pond of our collective awareness.
The ripples we cause daily without even noticing, by what we do and say, are immense. Imagine if we got even more intentional about it. Our impact can be staggering, in the best possible way... and everywhere.
— Sarah Singer

Client list:

  • Alliance Data - Columbus, OH
  • Ameresco- Chicago, IL
  • American Eagle Outfitters - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Barefoot Proximity - Cincinnati, OH          
  • Bensalem Retail Group - Bensalem, PA
  • Bluenotes - Toronto, ON
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. - San Clemente, CA
  • Catherine's, Inc. - Memphis, TN
  • Charming Shoppes, Inc. - Bensalem, PA
  • Danaco Solutions - Highland Park, IL                
  • Educational Theatre Association – Cincinnati, OH
  • Equity Management Group - Lexington, KY  
  • Fashion Bug, Inc. - Bensalem, PA
  • Hebrew Union College– Cincinnati, OH
  • IBM - Austin, TX
  • Johnson & Johnson– Raritan, NJ
  • Jump Associates, LLC - San Mateo, CA                  
  • L3 Hospitality Group - Chicago, IL
  • Landry's Dining, Hospitality, Entertainment & Gaming – Houston, TX
  • Lane Bryant, Inc. - Columbus, OH                  


  • Limited Brands - Columbus, OH
  • Northern Stores - Toronto, ON
  • Oympia Sports Camp - Ontario
  • Philadelphia University– Philadelphia, PA
  • Quantum Learning Network - Oceanside, CA
  • Redken - New York City, NY & Toronto, ON
  • Rising Sun Programs - Washington, DC
  • Seed Partners - Minneapolis, MN        
  • Studio E – Minneapolis, MN
  • Target - Minneapolis, MN                          
  • The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, OH  
  • The Jewish Federation of Detroit, MI        
  • The Jewish Federation of S. Palm Beach, FL  
  • Ulta Beauty– Bolingbrook, IL
  • United Healthcare - Chicago, IL    
  • University of Cincinnati Athletics – Cincinnati, OH     
  • Value City Stores - Columbus, OH  
  • Victoria's Secret Stores - Columbus, OH   
  • Younique– Lehi, UT 

...and many, many school districts across North America