The Tapping Their Greatness INTENSIVE, August 28-29, 2019

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The Tapping Their Greatness INTENSIVE, August 28-29, 2019

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In two action-packed, intense, fun days with Sarah, you and a limited group of select leaders will take your leadership influence and impact to a new level. 

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 Sarah Singer’s high-energy, high-impactTapping Their Greatness Intensive incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements into a two-day, no-holds-barred examination of how we lead, what gets in our way, and how to maximize our time, attention, and energy into greater impact and significant fulfillment. Through group instruction, dialogue, and physical activity (yes, physical activity) Sarah will challenge your assumptions about what’s possible in your organization, and inspire you to ways of working you only dreamed of while equipping you with the tools to make it happen.

There are no shortcuts to effective leadership, but Tapping Their Greatness™ gets quickly and effectively to the core issues, infusing you with clear inspiration and powerful tools for impact immediately, and putting your team on the path to realizing their passion and potential.


“TTG is targeted at creating emotionally intelligent, self-aware leaders. It’s amazing the amount of information, and the effectiveness of that information that Sarah packs into such a short time. Sarah is changing people, creating the leaders and organizations of the future.”

-Brandon Dawson, Co-founder Hopwater & Former Talent Director, Possible


"To this day, associates who've experienced Sarah's training years ago have retained and are using the the tools/skills she helped them develop. She touched the minds and the hearts of our associates, and we have betterleaders because of the work Sarah has done with us.”

-Julie Beckman, AVP of Learning & Development, Limited Brands


An Exclusive Training Opportunity for you as a leader...

Tapping Their Greatness™ has been held as the best-kept secret training for amazing, result-changing leadership, simply because it’s never been offered to the public until recently. Now, just a few times per year, leaders like you can jump into this powerful opportunity...

You’re about to be set with the tools, mindset and and practice to ignite your people and unleash their talent like never before! 

Based on vast research of human learning, behavior, drive, and real world leadership best practice, TTG will take your impact to that next level of being the leader they remember years from now as the instrumental one who made all the difference in unleashing their results, their capacity, their success.   

Taking you beyond your title to being a true leader with multiplying influence in every interaction, this program equips leaders with concrete tools, frameworks and practices to motivate people of all types and backgrounds.  Able to truly reach everyone and understand how to leverage natural strengths, leaders become impactful agents, catalysts and coaches of brilliant performance.  

...These leaders and thousands more have had a great time discovering new influence, less stress, greater relationships, more loyalty and better performance with the power of Tapping Their Greatness™ and Sarah Singer-Nourie. 

Now you can do the same, and this is your exclusive opportunity to get it in an intimate, concentrated setting with this master coach. 

Go beyond managing- to being a motivational leader, inspiring people’s thinking and empowering them to get the results on their own every time!  You’ll get the tools to spark your team, and become the leader who taps their genius.

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This exclusive event will happen at Boost, For Meeting's Sake in Cincinnati, Ohio,  

DAY ONE: 9:00am- 5:00pm AND   DAY TWO: 9:00am-3:00pm

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