Tap Into Greatness First Edition Corrections


I’m so thrilled for you to be reading Tap Into Greatness!  

As sometimes happens in the first printing of a book, a couple of key pieces were accidentally omitted in your first edition hardback, so let’s remedy that right now…  

My apologies for these omissions. All errors will be fixed for the next printing! 

For now,  just insert the following two sections as indicated, and you’ll be set.

Enjoy the book… it’s all you from here! 



Omission #1: 

Chapter #5, Page 59  

Insert the following before the “ Do” section… 


Deep & Wide

Have gets at impact that goes wide… answering the question of, “If we have that… then, what else will we cause?” This is the ripple effect of what you do, and is about getting strategically intentional about what else you're causing with your efforts.


If we have a fired up team, then what else could we cause beyond that (ripple effect)? 

Ambassadors for the brand, talking it up in their circles outside of work. 

Which could then cause… 

The word of our brand getting out there to new prospective clients, who will check us out… 

Which could then cause… 

Expansion to a completely new demographic of clientele coming in the door… 

You can see where this is going, right? 

Keep asking the question, “Then what?” and you’ll map the ripples of impact you can strategically have. 

Have also gets at impact that goes deep answering the question, “If we have that, what else would we of course have to make that happen?” This is drilling into the layers of impact deeper than the initial obvious answer. Go intentionally for depth of impact, which takes root to grow stronger. 


If we have a fired up team, what would that mean we also have? 

People who believe in what we’re doing. 

Which means we’d also have… 

People who are committed to the brand. 

Which means we’d also have… 

People who will have longevity with the team. 

Which means we’d also have… 

People who will invest their talent and trust in what we’re building. 

Which means we’d also have… 

A solid core of all-in people who will truly help us build to a whole new level of impact.

You get it. 

Every time I take a client from a result they’ve identified into a Have-Deep and Have-Wide exercise like this, they come back to their targeted result with renewed energy, because the stakes of it get bigger— one little result turns into the platform for broad, deep, meaningful impact.

Think about that project you’ve got happening right now, and the results you’re shooting for in it. Take a minute to brainstorm deeper into the impact you want to really have out of this project beyond just the articulated result. If you had that, then what? What else would you have? Then what? What else? (you get the idea of these layers deep and ripples out, yes?)

This expansion from result you're getting to Impact-You-Have applies to individual interactions all day long, too. What good is the big plan if your steps along the way aren’t focused for impact too? Make it intentionally count there, too. 


Halfway through a regular weekly conference call, as people tune out and you’re wondering what the point is…STOP.

Sure, what you’re covering was emailed in the agenda, but to what end? Get the haves clear, articulated and understood, before you move on. Ask them:

What do we want to have by the end of this call?

What results? What plan? What deliverable completed? 

What level or energy and engagement from this team? What problem solved? What alignment? If we had those then what? 

…then notice how the whole call shifts with fuller engagement from everyone. 

Better yet— start the next call with the Haves as part of your WIIFM: 

“By the end of this call we will all have:

    •    Every question you’ve been confronted by with the client clear and answered

    •    Total alignment about next steps and who’s doing what

    •    Relief and fired-up-ness for what’s coming in this project

…Let’s dive in!”

For awesome influencers, this gets very personal. It’s why they inspire and affect you so much—because they ask the Have question of themselves right before diving into an exchange with you, every time. They clarify the impact they want this interaction to have on you and your process…then they make the time with you count. 

You can too:  

  • Go bigger. In your next planning conversation, take the question broader and deeper. What do we want to really have out of this? Elicit as much as you can there, identify the strongest impact, and then clarify the concrete result you’re trying to hit. It may help to give prompts like “have on our team, in the industry, in the world, in our own process.”
  • Pause first. Before picking up the phone or responding to your next email, pause and clarify: Out of this communication, what do I want to have? Agreement? Collaboration? The other person put in their place? Maybe. 
  • Focus in. Outside of work, think about what you want to Have before you automatically dive into experiences, and notice how it focuses it for you.  For example: I want to have true connection and focus on one another with my family tonight. Then you can create it…

[then continue on with text as printed, starting with “2. Do”]

Omission #2: 

Chapter #13, Page 169  

First, in the "what" section: 

The sentence "Great managers come from How- " should read: "Great managers come from What-." 

Then INSERT THE FOLLOWING at the bottom of the page after "Much better"...… 

Achievers and concrete thinkers on your team will always need this to be as clear as possible. If it’s not, they’ll each come to the team’s work with their own interpretation of What you’re trying to accomplish, which can be problematic when they clash with one another. While they each may hold their own important piece in the puzzle, they all need to be working toward the same picture on the puzzle box’s lid to guide them together. Clear focus on the What elevates the team’s dynamic and conversation to a common goal and a reason to rally in collaboration. The more vividly they’re able to envision the outcome they’re going for, the more they’ll be pulled to it, causing the How and When to fall into place to make it happen. 

Here's a printable version for you to tuck into your book: