Tapping Their Greatness

What if your team could let go of all the distractions, re-connect with their passion for the work and for each other, and consistently function in an environment of productivity and emotional intelligence?

What if you could be the leader you always wanted to be?

Tapping Their Greatness is a two-day intensive that will re-shape, re-focus, and re-empower your team to be the leaders they should be, the ones they’ve wanted to be all along.

Sarah Singer’s high-energy, high-impact course incorporates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements into a two-day, no-holds-barred examination of how we lead, what gets in our way, and how to maximize our time, attention, and energy into greater impact and significant fulfillment. Through group instruction, dialogue, and physical activity (yes, physical activity) Sarah will challenge your assumptions about what’s possible in your organization, and inspire you to ways of working you only dreamed of while equipping you with the tools to make it happen.

Tapping Their Greatness will teach your leaders to:

  • Communicate optimally with each other based on individual thinking styles
  • Understand personality conflicts and move through them without drama,refocusing on individual distinctions as resources
  • Master attention, energy and emotions to maximize impact
  • Tap into their own best versions of themselves
  • Productively push each other to openness and clarity when you know you’re skirting the issue
  • Cultivate true team camaraderie and shared purpose
  • Drown out the nagging doubts and inner voices that keep us from achieving our potential

Tapping Their Greatness

Sarah consistently delivers focused, high-impact experiences that make a huge difference in the performance of our team.
— Chris Evans, CEO, Barefoot Proximity
[Tapping Their Greatness] opened my eyes—uncomfortably at times—to what I need to do. Not just to be a leader (or a better one? who knows?)—but to be a better person.
— Jeff Brandt, Place Entertainment

There are no shortcuts to effective leadership, but Tapping Their Greatness gets quickly and effectively to the core issues, infusing you with clear inspiration and powerful tools for impact immediately, and putting your team on the path to realizing their passion and potential.

Tapping Their Greatness
Course Materials

Along with the two-day seminar, your team will also receive the Tapping Their Greatness course guide, audio series, and “Pocket Full of Greatness” quick-reference cards.

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