Sarah quickly zooms in on team patterns, strengths and obstacles, giving the laser-direct yet relentlessly optimistic coaching they need to get past their norm to optimal state of collaboration, performance and synergy.


Team Coaching testimonial...

"Jump's business is all about great ideas.  That's required us to gather individual superstars together, and forge them into a team with singularintent.  Sarah has helped Jump create that team.  She helped us abandon

 tired notions of delegation and control in favor of relationships based on trust and pure intention.  It's been said a thousand times at Jump: "I  thought that I had worked on teams before.  Now I realize that those were just groups of individuals.  And saddest of all, until now I didn't even know the difference."

-Dev Patnaik, CEO Jump Associates


“Sarah has been instrumental in helping  create a culture of trust, teamwork, and direct communication. She works well with individuals; developing people as leaders and helping them succeed as contributors on teams. She's also a talented observer of team dynamics and can easily diagnose what a team needs to take its work together to the next level. Sarah has been a great thought partner as we grow our company.” 

-Sarah Rottenberg, UPenn