Sarah's second edition of Tap Into Greatness is HERE!!!!

…it’s easy to see how Singer-Nourie’s pace and attitude can pump up teams—and their leaders… [TIG] is a very effective motivational tool…
— Publishers Weekly

TAP INTO GREATNESS: How to Stop Managing, Start Leading and Drive Bigger Impact

Published by RipplePress. 

Foreword by Blair Singer, entrepreneur and best-selling author of SalesDogs, Team Code of Honor, Little Voice Mastery and Rich Dad Advisor

Sarah Singer-Nourie’s new book is not a management book. In Tap Into Greatness she elevates the conversation- to a bigger game. Inspiring. Influencing. Creating impact in your world and on the people in it...Leading. 

She shows you how to be the leader they remember years later, by impacting their thinking, opened their path forward and expanded their self-concept. How to reach in, find the greatness and inspired them to step into it. 

Everyone has a brilliant leader inside, with the ability to consistently tap the brilliant thinkers, performers, creators and team stars inside those unsuspecting folks around you right now.Tap Into Greatness builds on Sarah’s experiences as an educator, trainer and leadership coach to teach and propel readers into becoming the version of themselves who tap greatness every day. 

In Tap Into Greatness, you will:

 • Set your mind and energy for focused impact despite any circumstances.

• Step into the ideal version of yourself for each situation, every time.

• Get the formula for setting your team up to have deep, broad impact vs just talking about results.

• Break through your own limits as a leader, so your team will step out more.

• Master the 3 Ingredients for getting buy-in from anyone.

• Get the secret to finding the "10" in even your most challenging people and coaching them to greatness.

• Inspire people mentally, physically and emotionally.

• Pinpoint & communicate quickly in the language they’re already thinking.

• Use the master reset to tap perspective and purpose when the stress hits- for yourself and your team.

• Coach with the forumula that ensures they get it the first time!

Sarah Singer-Nourie’s approach to leadership and to unlocking people’s potential is high energy, visceral, immediate and exuberant. “Tap into Greatness” offers a broad range of unique tools she has developed during her years of teaching and which draw on all of our senses. You’ll learn something new on every page of this book.
— Tony Schwartz CEO, The Energy Project Author “The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working” and “The Power of Full Engagement”

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