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What Mike & Sarah accomplished in 48 hrs with my program was simply mind blowing. it’s no math formula or complex thing, it’s in the little things that take place day to day that we are not even aware of or we just assume are the norm… it was truly mind blowing to see the impact it had from our staff to our best players!
— Steve Masiello, Head Coach Manhattan College Men's Basketball


To tap directly into the greatness of each athlete and ignite their talent, passion, and biggest potential is the goal of every collegiate athletics coach. To do so consistently as the ultimate motivator, technician, developer and balanced model of intensity that elevates with perspective no matter what... is the ideal. Your results, your impact and your legacy as a coach depend on it. Now there's a research-based, solid method to quickly master exactly that.

There are proven, yet infrequently taught keys that consistently, powerfully unlock human performance. They ignite the deep-seeded motivation moment to moment, accelerate real-time learning and behavioral change to stick, change and focus mindset quickly, increase passion and ownership of results and team... all to elevate performance and athletes' inner game. These are the difference-makers, and THIS is what we do

We'll equip you as a coaching staff with the tools, layers and essentials to coach beyond the physical technique of your athletes, and into their thinking, learning and motivation with the keys that empower individuals and drive performance. We know that you as the coach, are the one who can unlock their talent or shut it down completely... so we'll coach you to unlock it every time as you grow players and win. 

Your Coaches

Sarah Singer-Nourie, M.A. created TapIntoGreatness, and has coached thousands of high-impact leaders, performers, educators and high school/college students over decades, mastering what it takes to quickly and consistently unlock results, unleash talent, and bring teams together to create brilliance. Steeped in accelerated learning, adolescent development, human performance research, and what works powerfully in real time, she's honed the fastest ways to evolve high performers and tap into their core drivers… to set new habits to get their minds, focus, communication, motivation and performance to the next level. Sarah understands the power you have as a coach, noticing the nuances of your coaching, and their immediate impact on athletes' psyche, team and performance. She will dive right in to your world, coaching to the heart of what needs to change right now to cause greatness, and she will show you how to create it.

Michael Bradley brings a practical PhD of basketball, and the firsthand experience of how a coach can make or break their players' performance on the court/field. He's been immersed in the highest levels of athletics for decades- playing as part of a NCAA Championship team, on powerhouse NBA teams, and several European teams, then leading his own teams as a state championship-winning head coach at high school and collegiate level. He's worked with every kind of coach there is, and brings clutch perspective of years in that spectrum of coaching– experiencing the best, the worst, and the legendary of coaching. He's tested and identified TIG as the gamechanger approach, having applied it as a head basketball coach to win championships and as a business leader, growing a business full of young talent to thrive as award-winning best in class. As a career athlete and coach, Michael gets the unique power of your position, and is committed to setting you up to unlock possibility for your athletes and your program.