Part strategist, talent-finder, master teacher and instigator... Sarah pushes people. Past their own preconceived boundaries, past the little voice in their heads, past their patterns... to what’s ultimately possible.  With unique perspective, a deep well of expertise, great research and relentless optimism, she always sees a way from where you are to where you want to be, and helps illuminate that path. 


Individual Coaching Testimonials:

“Sarah creates an experience that taps into places in your heart and mind you often ignore. She makes you see things differently.”   -Leah Krempels, Victoria's Secret Stores, Inc.

“No one has impacted my life more profoundly and to the core then Sarah has, with the exception of my family. Simply put, she is the most influential and motivating mentor that I have ever worked with. This statement is even more meaningful when you take into consideration that I only worked with Sarah for less than one month in the Summer of 1999, which is 9 years ago. I have not seen or spoken to Sarah since, but I still use most of her insights on a daily basis.” - Jesse McClinton

“Sarah really makes learning FUN!! She is an excellent teacher who challenges me to constantly think and to never accept anything less than my very best. She asks great questions and always helps me to stay in a very positive, learning and growing mode. I love her common sense approach to helping poeple grow to help our business grow. Sarah is a pleasure to work with, really cares about those she is working with and makes a difference in the lives of those she works with. I appreciate Sarah and have learned much from her.” -Tom Kruse, Alliance Data

“The 1:1 coaching intensive I did with Sarah changed my life. The life mapping exercise clarified choices I’ve made and changes I want to make.  It helped me find my life path.” - Diana Lewis, Epsilon