High Impact Delivery

There’s a difference between a good training or presentation and a stellar one, a person who immerses people in an experience that shifts something for them. Sarah Singer’s “High Impact Delivery” course is designed to take you from wherever you are to your next many levels of stellar... accelerate the learning, catapult receptivity and inject dynamic energy into your training, no matter the material!

In over 20 years of practiced experience bringing accelerated learning, brain research and personal development together... and applying it to schools, alternative programs, boardrooms, teams, corporate trainings and individual coaching, Sarah Singer has developed a powerful, fool-proof method for ensuring your audience will hear, interact with, and remember your material long after it’s delivered. This arsenal of high impact training materials is sure to invigorate any presenter and inspire any audience.

Proven Tools for
High-Impact Presentations

Whether you’re new to public speaking & presenting, or a seasoned pro, High Impact Delivery will take your training & presentations to the next level. Using research-based strategies, and proven training methods Sarah will teach you to:

  • Deliver content so ALL learners will understand and apply quickly and effectively
  • Never re-teach information – because they got it the first time!
  • Use the latest in brain research to maximize your time and message
  • Quickly contextualize your material and message for your audience
  • Make your material “sticky” – so they’re repeating it long after the presentation
  • Master the power of music and atmosphere to set the proper state
  • Tap into your audience’s brains and anticipate their needs
  • Communicate effectively to all types of learners and thinkers…even skeptics!
  • Discover your own teaching style and use it more effectively
  • Understand and teach to multiple intellegences
  • Be the trainer they remember 20 years from now

High Impact Delivery

Sarah’s ability to captivate an audience of over 300, amazed me! She had them sitting on the edge of their seats begging for more of her teachings!
— Julie Beckman, Director of Training and Incentives, Victoria's Secret Stores
When it comes to changing how we approach teaching and training, Sarah has no equal. Her success, if anything, is still short of her potential. I had the pleasure of spending five hours in a room with Sarah and 30 other people during a financial literacy workshop last year. It was THE MOST INCREDIBLE learning experience of my life. Whatever you do, buy her book, go to her workshops or hire her to coach you. It will be time and money well spent. Go Sarah, Go!
— John Buerger, CFP, Business Coach, ALTUS, Inc.

High Impact Delivery
Course Materials

Along with the two-day seminar, your team will also receive the High Impact Delivery course guide and audio series. Materials you’re sure to refer back to time and again.

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