High Impact Training Audio Program

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High Impact Training Audio Program


High Impact Training

Audio Program & Fieldbook

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, the receptivity and accolades to your training and presentations will skyrocket! This arsenal of accelerated training tools are sure to inspire any group.

Digital Download straight to your device!

With Sarah Singer-Nourie as your coach, you’ll get 6 hours of easy to apply, research-based strategies, complete with your own Fieldbook to work though as you go! Sarah will show you how to:

  • Deliver content so that ALL learners will understand quickly and apply it immediately

  • Never re-teach information again - because they'll get it the first time!

  • Tap into the latest in brain research to maximize your time and message

  • Become nimble in getting out of "your world" and into your participants'

  • Get intimate with the little voice inside their heads - and get it on your side!

  • Be the trainer they remember 20 years from now

  • Get the keys to making learning stick in the brain without conventional means

  • Master the power of music to energize, change, calm, focus and facilitate participants

  • Discover what's really going on in your participants’ brains so you can anticipate their needs

  • Move people from bored and lifeless to interested and excited in a moment

  • Get ideas across easily to all different kinds of thinkers and learners…even skeptics

  • Identify your own teaching style and use it to get the most out of everyone

  • Discover the multiple intelligences and teach to them all!

  • Hook people into learning any content at any time

  • Set people up for success before they ever have to perform

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