The TTG Audio Program & Fieldbook

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The TTG Audio Program & Fieldbook


Tapping Their Greatness: Tools for the Inspired Leader

This 7-CD interactive program will take you from a manager to a great and motivational leader, influencing the way people think and empowering them to get results on their own every time! You’ll get the tools to spark your reports and become the leader who taps their genius. With your own Fieldbook to guide you through, you’ll take yourself beyond management - into great leadership!

We’ll show you how to:

  • Set your mind and thinking the way the best coaches and leaders do.
  • Discover the formula for setting your team up and getting the results, rather than just talking about it all the time
  • Learn how to stretch your Comfort Zone as a leader and model, so your team will, too.
  • Master The 3 Ingredients for coaching and getting buy-in from any employee
  • Find the "10" in anyone - discover their star potential and coach it out of them!
  • Inspire people mentally, physically and emotionally
  • Learn how to keep perspective for yourself and your team, even when the stress hits
  • Get powerful communication models to instill responsibility and eliminate whining on your team!
  • Learn THE model for skills teaching so that they get it the first time!

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