Take Your Team to the Next Level

Productive organizations depend on healthy, collaborative teams. Your people can’t be building your brand if they’re mired in personality conflicts and organizational dysfunction. Sarah Singer works with teams and individuals to identify trouble spots, create common understanding, and build trust between individuals.

Whether your team is a start up, a strong team that wants to be stellar, or a struggling team in need of immediate life-support, Sarah Singer’s “Team Start” and “True Team” intensives can quickly help your team achieve:

  • Common Language
  • Accountability
  • Shared Practices for Conflict Resolution
  • Increased Emotional Intelligence
  • Greater Organizational Health

The “Team Start” Short-Term Intensive

Team Start is a short term (generally one-day) team intensive, designed to introduce your team to the Sarah Singer & Co. method of team coaching. Team Start is all about moving a group from operating as siloed individuals, to improving performance and relationships by becoming a team. Sarah Singer’s time-tested team coaching model will take your team from good to great, with a high-intensity program including:

  • Strengths & learning styles assessment and diagnostic
  • Fundamentals of high-performing “champion” teams
  • Baseline assessment of team health and dynamics
  • Immersive experience in shifting that dynamic in one day
  • Essential tools to get the team started working better now

Contact Sarah Singer & Co. today to learn more about a Team Start intensive for your team.

The “True Team” Intensive Workshop

The True Team intensive is an immersive program, designed to shift your group into a True Team. This two-day intensive is designed for small groups ready for a breakthrough to a higher level of alignment, performance, support, and communication. Sarah’s program and approach are tailored to your organization or team’s unique needs, targeting “stored” issues that impede trust, communication, and forward movement, maximizing the team’s creativity, trust, talent, and support to move everyone forward together.

The True Team experience is specifically tailored to your team, and includes:

  • 2 (or more) day retreat format (off-site)
  • Intensive, targeted, team and individual coaching
  • Addressing team/organization culture
  • Targeting expectations and upsets
  • Clarifying and solidifying roles (not just titles)
  • Getting to the “Big Why” of the team, and anchoring individual and team purpose

While the True Team intensive is most often conducted in an intensive, retreat format, it can also be customized in a “split” format to accommodate the needs of your team or organization. Contact SarahSinger&Co. today to learn more about a True Team intensive for your team.

Great Leadership is Infectious

Jump’s business is all about great ideas. That’s required us to gather individual superstars together, and forge them into a team with singular intent. Sarah…helped us abandon tired notions of delegation and control in favor of relationships based on trust and pure intention. It’s been said a thousand times at Jump: ‘I thought that I had worked on teams before. Now I realize that those were just groups of individuals. And saddest of all, until now I didn’t even know the difference.’
— Dev Patnaik, CEO, Jump Associates

To learn more about Sarah Singer’s Team Coaching, Intensives, and Team Dynamics workshops Contact SarahSinger&Co.